Friday, September 30, 2011

Memorable Quotes

During a lifetime, each of us will hear an assortment of quotable lines from generally well-intentioned intervals. "Sit up straight." "Don't talk with your mouth full." "Sure, I'll call you again." The statements vary over time but when we hear the lines, we choose to either use or discard the information offered.

Recently I heard a statement from a fellow snappy senior which set me thinking about previous quotes I have heard. Three such proclamations stood out as regrettable on behalf of the person who said each one. I offer the lines here for general review and welcome any comments.

1. "I don't need pretty." While shopping with a friend, I noticed a beautiful nightgown of silky material patterned with dainty flowers of lavender and pink. "Oh, look," I observed. "How pretty." My friend snorted, "I don't need pretty."

I said nothing. But it seems to me that nearly everyone needs pretty on occasion. Who couldn't use a little something special in his/her life, whether it is a special food treat, a splash of delightful cologne or a lovely piece of lingerie? We need to treat ourselves the way we would like to be treated by others.

2. "I've already learned all that I ever want to learn." This remark has been previously quoted on this website. But it is repeated here because of its notable impact. Anyone who truly believes that there is nothing more to learn or experience is setting themselves up for a dull and predictable life. No one -- at any age -- should resign himself to never again experiencing a new food or a fresh thought. Such a person is missing a great deal on the journey through life.

3. "I've already got my man." I once worked with a lovely woman named "Karen" who had been divorced and was raising two sons alone. At the age of 50 or so, Karen remarried and just as she entered her new life, she began to change. She appeared to care less and less about how she looked and dressed and she gained a significant amount of weight. One day some of us were joking about the calorie content of a certain snack food when Karen joined in the conversation. "Oh, I don't worry about that," she smiled. "I've already got my man." Women should never get complacent about their lives. Situations can change in an instant. Make an effort. Care about your appearance, your attitude, your life, if not for the benefit of someone else, then for your own satisfaction. A little effort goes a long way.

Pay attention to those around you. See if quotations such as these catch your ear. I'll bet you will be surprised about the frequency with which such comments surface.

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