Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Free Stuff !!

Occasionally everyone enjoys finding a bargain. Saving money is nice. Free is even better.

When my older cat died in March, I ventured to a nearby animal shelter in search of a rescue animal. The facility was remarkably nice, modern, clean with well-lit and large visiting rooms. As soon as I saw a young female cat with a certain look in her eye, I was a goner. Papers were completed and the kitty was brought out to be micro chipped. The girl behind the shelter asked for my ID and then announced the adoption was free.

"What?" I remarked dumbfounded.

"There is no charge for seniors to adopt."

"Not even the application fee?"


Needless to say, I was quite grateful and returned home a wonderful, affectionate addition to the family.

Bargains abound around us. Several years ago, I discovered the treasures to be found at local "resale" stores. Called everything from "resale" to "thrift" to "vintage" stores, these businesses feature gently used and even new items from clothing to furniture for everyone in the family. Once you begin scouting what is available at various locations, you will quickly discover which stores have the best selection. It is possible to find new items (even some with tags attached) that someone bought but had second thoughts about. Some must have been received as gifts but likely didn't fit or were the wrong color. These stores have some extremely nice merchandise.

Recently I received a message from a blog reader about a service called "Novel Seniors." This program offers free eBooks to readers. Go to http://www.novelseniors.com 
for more information. On the right of that website, you might want to sign up. You must have email in order to participate. The program provides apps for many types of electronic devices (computer, smart phone, iPod touch) even if you don't have a Kindle. Check it out.

This sent me scouring for other web information regarding "freebies" for seniors. (Seniors can include those aged 55 and upward. Check each source for specific qualifications.) I searched via Google with the phrase "senior discounts" and the results were overwhelming. If you have access to a computer, search the web for yourself. There is a HUGE amount of information about various programs around the country.

Discounts/coupons are available for nearly anything and everything including: pest control, car washes, groceries, auto repair, home remodeling, plumbing, travel, locksmith services, cell phones, appliances… the list goes on and on.

Also featured are various regional discounts (such as New Jersey Transit, electrical services in Atlanta) and ongoing weekly discounts (such as Kohl's which offers 15% off each Wednesday), both large, well-known programs and unknown gems.

Some of the websites I discovered are:





Check it out! Happy surfing.

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